Our sourcing values at The Floral Boutique & Stetson Flowers are easy to understand: Buy the freshest, most seasonally appropriate, most local, most American, most family farm supporting product available.

It's not about buying the cheapest or the easiest. It's about supporting the livelihood our own families grew up in and around. It's about championing hard working Americans, their families, and their employees to ensure the sustainability and stability of our American farms.

We intentionally...

  • Seek out farms and distributors who make a difference in their local communities.
  • Minimize the carbon footprint of the fresh floral products we offer by reducing travel distance, preferring the most local product possible.
  • Do business directly with multi-generational, family owned and operated farms whenever possible in order to promote the livelihood of small towns and farming communities.

To that end, we source our fresh floral products in the following order of preference:

  1. Locally grown in Volusia County by neighbors with whom we go to school, church and the voting booth.
  2. Grown by a family owned/operated farm in the state of Florida.
  3. Grown by a coop owned/operated farm in the state of Florida.
  4. Grown by a family owned/operated farm in the surrounding region.
  5. Grown by a family owned/operated farm in the USA.
  6. Grown by a family owned/operated farm in North America.
  7. Grown by an American owned farm in North America.
  8. Grown by an American controlled farm outside of North America.
  9. Grown by a fair trade or certified sustainable practice farm outside of North America.
  10. Grown by a grower outside of North America who we have independently verified as using industry best practices.

If a fresh floral product is not available within our 10 core sourcing values above, we don't recommend it and we do our best to avoid having it end up in our inventory.

While clients may ask us to special order a specific item, we may inform you the item does not fit within our sourcing criteria and cannot guarantee the quality, sustainability, or farming practices used in its production.

Thank you for helping us support local, American owned family owned farms whenever possible!